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Last Date Updated13/Sep/2023 9:22
Training InstitutionPeace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC), Bosnia-Herzegovina
DisciplineMilitary Contribution to Peace Support (MCP)
AreaMCP Common (CM)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeMCP-CM-35692
Course TitleUN Comprehensive Protection of Civilians Course
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionThe course will provide understanding of Protection of Civilians within UN PKOs (Peacekeeping Operations) framework through lectures, syndicate discussions and scenario based exercise (SBE). In addition to POC, emphasis will be placed on Gender and Child Protection in PKO and Prevention of Sexual Violence.

Aim of the CourseThe aim of the course is to provide the key personnel from tactical HQs deploying on UN PKO with a framework of understanding of the impact of Protection of Civilians (POC), Child Protection and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) on tactical planning level within UN Peacekeeping, and how to integrate military and other agencies‘ protection efforts in multidimensional UN PKO.
Performance Objectives
No.Performance Objective (Performance Statement)Task Performance Statement (TRA)
1 PO 1. Apply POC conceptual framework in operational planning process in UN PKO.

Course Language(s)

Active CourseYes
Course Active from01/Jan/2013
Course Deactivated on31/Jan/2030
Course Duration (in days)5.0

Security ClearanceN: NONE
Training AudienceM: NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other nations as approved
ePrime Reference NumberPSOTC.6

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)200.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)385.00

Payment Authority
Payment Authority NameMAJ Milenko Eric
Email[email protected]
Phone number+387 33 754 328

Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years17

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