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Last Date Updated12/Aug/2022 6:01
Training InstitutionPeace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC), Bosnia-Herzegovina
DisciplineGender in Military Operations (GEN)
AreaGender in Military Operations (GO)
Depth of knowledge Level200 - Intermediate
NATO Course CertificationNATO Approved

Course CodeGEN-GO-21324
Course TitleUtility of Gender in PSO Course
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionThe course was developed in order to increase awareness and provide a conceptual understanding of gender issues in the security sector. It has a particular focus on Peace Support Operations (PSO) and how peacekeepers/PSF should understand women’s needs and their role as actors within the society they are tasked to protect.

Aim of the CourseThe aim of the course is to provide participants with an understanding of applying gender perspective in the security sector and the importance of application of gender perspective on Peace Support Operations, as well as of Prevention Sexual Violence in Conflict.
Learning Objectives01.01: Distinguish international and national frameworks and guidelines related to gender mainstreaming in PSO; 01.02: Explain importance of implementing gender perspective through all phases of PSO; 01.03: Exemplify implementation of gender perspective in all functional areas; 02.01: Explain importance of addressing CR-GBSV; 02.02: Summarize measures to address CR-GBSV
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Active CourseYes
Course Active from01/Jan/2013
Course Deactivated on31/Dec/2024
Course Duration (in days)5.0

Training AudienceM: NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other nations as approved
ePrime Reference NumberACT.653

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)200.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)382.50

Payment Authority
Payment Authority NameMAJ Milenko Eric

Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years33

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