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Last Date Updated27/Oct/2020 3:44
Training InstitutionExplosive Ordnance Disposal COE (EOD COE)
DisciplineMilitary Engineering (MEG)
AreaEOD (EO)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeMEG-EO-31828
Course TitleHomemade Explosive Course - Advanced
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionHMEC-A provides NATO/PfP EOD personnel with training on Homemade Explosives (HME) site identification, processing and safe disposal of hazardous material.

Aim of the CourseThe HME Advanced Course introduces responding personnel to the precursors used by criminals and terrorists in the manufacturing process of homemade explosives, along with the synthetized finished explosive mixtures. Students learn to identify the hazards of mixed or partially mixed precursor chemicals, identify unknown materials and related hazards, process a scene for evidentiary purposes and safely remove and dispose of these hazards.
Learning ObjectivesELO #1: Demonstrate HME manufacturing processes and equipment. ELO #2: Explain properties of HME and precursors. ELO #3: Operate equipment supporting HME scene processing. ELO #4: Process clandestine explosives laboratory.
Pass/Fail criteriaWritten test and practical examination.
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Structure of the CourseThe course includes instructions and training on HME characteristics and hazards, recognition of a wide variety of HME precursors, as well as HME manufacturing facilities, HME scene safety and security. The students get an opportunity to utilize a unique hands-on approach to learning that combines classroom instruction, improvised laboratory, range demonstrations, and site exploitation-based training.

Active CourseYes
Course Active from15/Apr/2013
Course Deactivated on10/Feb/2022
Course Duration (in days)5.0
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Training AudienceP: NATO and PfP Nations

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)490.00

Payment Authority

Course Application AuthorityDirector of EOD COE
Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years30

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