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Last Date Updated27/Oct/2020 3:44
Training InstitutionExplosive Ordnance Disposal COE (EOD COE)
DisciplineMilitary Engineering (MEG)
AreaEOD (EO)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationNATO Approved

Course CodeMEG-EO-31778
Course TitleHomemade Explosives Basic (HME-B)
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionThe HMEC-B covers the whole process required to produce specific homemade explosives (HME), from acquiring precursors up to the final manufacture.

Aim of the CourseThe aim of the HMEC-B is to educate the target audience about the fundamentals of identification of individual precursors that are regularly used in the process of manufacturing of Homemade Explosives (HMEs).
Learning ObjectivesELO #1: Explain properties of HME and precursors. ELO #2: Examine the HME challenges. ELO #3: Describe the characteristics of HME laboratories.
Pass/Fail criteriaWritten test.
Course Language(s)

Structure of the CourseThe course includes instructions and training on HME characteristics and hazards, recognition of a wide variety of HME precursors, as well as HME manufacturing facilities, HME scene safety and security on a basic level. The students get an opportunity to utilize a unique hands-on approach to learning that combines classroom instruction, improvised laboratory demonstrations, range demonstrations, and site exploitation-based training.

Active CourseYes
Course Active from28/Oct/2014
Course Deactivated on01/Oct/2023
Course Duration (in days)3.0
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Training AudienceP: NATO and PfP Nations

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)60.00

Payment Authority

Course Application AuthorityDirector of EOD COE
Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years60

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