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Last Date Updated21/Oct/2022 8:16
Training InstitutionNATO - School Oberammergau (NSO)
DisciplineIntelligence (INT)
AreaOSINT Open Source Intelligence (OS)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeINT-OS-36728
Course TitleNATO Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Manager’s Course
ETF Course CodeN2-168
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionTo develop the competencies of OSINT managers to direct and guide OSINT activities within the framework of the NATO Intelligence Cycle.
Course NotesFor further information (e.g. list of eligibility requirements) please refer to the full course description via the above given web link.

Learning Objectives1. 1,1: Integrate principles directed by NATO doctrine and policies in the conduct of OSINT operations: Students will demonstrate familiarity with NATO doctrine and policy regarding OSINT operations, how this doctrine is nested within the other intelligence-related doctrine and policies, and how to integrate these directives into OSINT operations. 2. 1.2: Consider legal restrictions and responsibilities during the conduct of OSINT operations.: Students will be sensitized to legal considerations with regard to OSINT operations and know how and where to obtain legal support as required. 3. 2.1: Develop an OSINT Collection Requirement (CR): The student will develop an OSINT CR in accordance with the NATO JISR process by: a. Receiving information requirement from the IRM & CM element, b. Determining the Intelligence of Interest, c. Determining referral to legal advisor for guidance d. Recommending cross-cueing or tipping opportunities to IRM & CM element 4. 2.2: Operationalize an OSINT CR for further collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination: The student will operationalize an OSINT CR by: a. Identifying time and resource constraints, b. Tasking appropriate OSINT personnel and resources to the satisfaction of the CR, c. Setting formal output parameters considering time and product format , d. Conducting an Operational Risk and Security Assessment (ORSA) and recommending Operational Risk and Security Management (ORSM) measures. 5. 3.1: Develop strategies and initial exploration to prepare for OSINT collection of a CR: The student will prepare to conduct OSINT collection to satisfy a validated CR by: a. Developing a Collection Strategy b. Developing a Risk Management Strategy c. Conducting Exploratory Collection 6. 3.2: Conduct OSINT collection to satisfy a validated OSINT CR: The student will conduct OSINT collection to satisfy a validated OSINT CR by: a. Conducting Source Evaluation throughout the collection phase b. Conducting focused collection c. Conducting extended collection if so warranted. 7. 4.1: Process collected open source information as a single-source JISR result.: The student will process collected open source information by: a. Translating all foreign language as required b. Annotating and collating standardized metadata c. Storing OSINT data IAW NATO standards and applicable laws. 8. 4.2: Exploit collected open source information as a single-source JISR result.: The student will exploit processed open source information as a single-source JISR result by: a. Continuing to evaluate sources and updating the source registry as required, b. Generating an OSINT product in satisfaction of a validated CR c. Conducting a peer review. 9. 4.3: Disseminate OSINT as a single-source JISR result.: The student will disseminate an OSINT product in accordance with appropriate legal, classification, and doctrinal considerations.
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Structure of the CourseResident (1 wk)

Active CourseYes
Course Active from01/Jan/2011
Course Deactivated on31/Dec/2027
Course Duration (in days)5.0

Security ClearanceNR: NATO RESTRICTED
Training AudienceN: NATO Nations Only

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)550.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)0.00

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