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Last Date Updated18/Jan/2022 10:05
Training InstitutionNATO - HQ ACT JFT ADL
DisciplineEducation,Training, Exercises & Evaluation (ETE)
AreaCollective Training and Exercises (CT)
Depth of knowledge Level100 - Basic
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeETE-CT-11751
Course TitleExercise Planning
Delivery Methode-Learning
Course DescriptionThis course, which must be completed prior to resident course attendance, provides a theo-retical introduction and overview of the NATO joint and multinational exercise planning pro-cess as outlined in Bi-Strategic Command Col-lective Training and Exercise Directive (Bi-SC CT&ED) 75-3. It familiarises students with the terms and definitions used in exercise planning so they will be able to easily follow the topics in the resident course.

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Active CourseYes
Course Active from11/Sep/2014
Course Deactivated on31/Dec/2022

Security ClearanceN: NONE
Training AudienceN: NATO Nations Only

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