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Last Date Updated25/Aug/2022 10:27
Training InstitutionBaltic Defence College
DisciplineStrategic Communications (STC)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationNATO Approved

Course CodeSTC-ST-35529
Course TitleIntermediate Strategic Communications Course
Delivery MethodBlended
Course Description5 days long residential course which consists of a number of theoretical lead-in lectures, followed by practical assignments and discussions through groups blended with online training (online course Introduction to Strategic Communication).

Aim of the CourseThe aim of the course is to educate planners in order for them to ensure StratCom integration and execution occurs at all levels within their headquarters.
Performance Objectives
No.Performance Objective (Performance Statement)Task Performance Statement (TRA)
1 1.Understand the fundamentals of NATO Strategic Communications. 2.Understand NATO StratCom policy and its relationship to Political Military (POLMIL) Direction and Guidance (D&G). 3.Understand Information Environment in relation to StratCom. 4.Understand the role, function, utility and limitations of StratCom related functions and capabilities. 5.Implement StratCom considerations into processes and products of their branch/department. 6.Apply StratCom considerations to Joint/ Full Spectrum Targeting to achieve Joint Effect.

Pass/Fail criteria70% test, 30% participation in syndicate work and discussions
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Active CourseYes
Course Active from02/Dec/2019
Course Deactivated on02/Dec/2030
Course Duration (in days)5.0
Joining InstructionsRegistration open from 22/02/2023 Next course iteration 20-24/03/2023

Training AudienceP: NATO and PfP Nations

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)0.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)0.00

Payment Authority
Email[email protected]
Phone number+3727176435

Course Application AuthorityBaltic Defence College

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