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Last Date Updated08/Oct/2021 14:17
Training InstitutionAir Operations CoE (AO CoE) - CASPOA
DisciplineAir Operations (AOP)
AreaJoint Force AIr Command (JF)
Depth of knowledge Level300 - Advance
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeAOP-JF-3750
Course TitlePersonnel Revovery Cordination Cell Course
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionThis course includes academic lessons on JPR doctrine and tools, followed by a practical implementation based on CASPOA-AOCOE “Strong Eagle” scenario where JPRC students collaborate with JFAC OC (I) combat ops students.
Course NotesELIGIBILITY: NATO officers and NCOs likely to man a JPRC.

Aim of the CourseTeach the basic principles of planning and execution of JPR operations
Learning Objectives1. LO1 : Given all tools in the JPRC cell, demonstrate the knowledge and skills to use ICC, JCHAT, WISE page, the telephone, the radio and Microsoft office suite required to coordinate a PR response. React and use the tools IAW inputs via a practical exercise 2. LO2 : Acquire the knowledge of the NATO PR architecture and J/PRCC role, duties and responsibilities (job description) of the cell and the intrinsic collaboration/coordination with other CCs and AOC personnel 3. LO3 : Given indications or warnings of an isolating incident in a simulated but realistic environment, apply the procedures to develop a plan in coordination with other CC as required to recover the personnel 4. LO4 : Given templates and checklists, set-up a PR Cell and assign responsibilities to develop courses of action and present a decision brief to the designated Lauch/Execute authority for approval of a PR mission
Pass/Fail criteriaNIL
Course Language(s)

Structure of the CourseThis 5 days course includes instruction of the process, positions and software tools (FAST ICC, JCOP, SALTO,etc) associated with a TST scenario. The scenario is combined with a two-day practical air operations exercise in a simulated environment. It is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Active CourseYes
Course Active from01/Oct/2011
Course Deactivated on31/Aug/2025
Course Duration (in days)5.0
Pre-Req (System Non Verified)-English standard language proficiency (SLP): 2222 as a minimum; CASPOA - AOCOE JFAC OC (B) course or equivalent (ex. DACCC IFJT, USAF AOC IQT, etc...) graduate.
Joining Instructions

Security ClearanceNR: NATO RESTRICTED
Training AudienceP: NATO and PfP Nations

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)0.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)203.50

Payment Authority
Other InformationFees for accommodation: 30€/day (inside AFB) fees for Meal: 10.7€/day

Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years20

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