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Last Date Updated08/Oct/2021 14:17
Training InstitutionAir Operations CoE (AO CoE) - CASPOA
DisciplineAir Operations (AOP)
AreaJoint Force AIr Command (JF)
Depth of knowledge Level500 - Master
NATO Course CertificationListed

Course CodeAOP-JF-51251
Course TitleJFAC Leadership Seminar (JFAC LS)
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionFocuses primarily on commanders’ role within the air component and the nature of their relationship with their staff and planners. This seminar is usually combined with a JFAC Planning Course in order to allow attendees to interact with student planners in a realistic environment based on CASPOA AOCOE “Strong Eagle scenario
Course NotesELIGIBILITY: NATO senior Officers (OF-5 and above) likely to take command of air operations headquarters, or tagged as « key leaders » within a JFAC HQ (JFAC HQ commander or division chief).

Aim of the Coursegather future air component leaders to increase their knowledge of Joint Air Operations and provide them a better understanding on how they should interact with their planners as well as the Joint level and the other components. Open to senior air staff, this seminar welcomes a limited number of participants in order to allow personal level interactions and networking.
Learning ObjectivesAside from external guest speakers’ availability or any expression of specific requirements, the syllabus could include the following subjects: 1.1. From planning to execution: some useful key points for an air component commander, 1.2. Organisation of the air operations command and control structure and possible options for deployment of Air C2 structures, 1.3. COM JFAC’s responsibilities (AC, ADC, ACA), 1.4. COMJFAC role in the planning process 1.5. Attendance to a MAB, wargaming and a COA DB 1.6. COM JFAC Role in COA Comparison 1.7. Targeting cycle/ TST concept, 1.8. ISR 1.9. National Chain of command in a coalition 1.10. The Coalition dimension 1.11. Air operations logistics, 1.12. NIC, ISR, Info Ops 1.13. Battle Rhythm 1.14. JFC/JFAC Relationship 1.15. The role of the Political Advisor (POLAD), 1.16. POLAD Global Approach of Operation 1.17. PR, 1.18. COM JFAC experience, 1.19. The Law of Armed Conflicts (including a practical exercise), 1.20. The Space use in Air ops,
Course Language(s)

Structure of the CourseSeminar made of some reminders (training), formal lectures by Guest Speakers and forum for guided discussions on joint Air ops topics

Active CourseYes
Course Active from24/Sep/2003
Course Deactivated on10/Aug/2030
Course Duration (in days)5.0
Pre-Req (System Non Verified)English standard language proficiency (SLP): 2222 as a minimum
Joining Instructions

Security ClearanceNR: NATO RESTRICTED
Training AudienceP: NATO and PfP Nations

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)0.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)203.00

Payment Authority
Other InformationFees for accommodation: 30€/day (inside AFB) fees for Meal: 10.7€/day

Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years12

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