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Last Date Updated05/Apr/2022 15:02
Training InstitutionAir Operations CoE (AO CoE) - CASPOA
DisciplineAir Operations (AOP)
AreaSystems (AO)
Depth of knowledge Level200 - Intermediate
NATO Course CertificationNATO Approved

Course CodeAOP-AO-21253
Course TitleICC operator Course (ICC)
Delivery MethodResidential
Course DescriptionTechnical course during which trainees learn how to use ICC various modules (ASMAN, SALTO, MTOTE). Students are trained on the software used within a NATO JFAC HQ.
Course NotesELIGIBILITY: NATO service members required to use ICC within the various divisions of a JFAC HQ or as a liaison to or from the air component. TRAINING STRATEGY: This 4 days course is driven by multiple practical exercises. The lead strategy is to give the students the opportunity to learn and train on the main features and modules of the tool directly working on ICC and focusing on the production of the ACO / ATO documents. Beyond the airspace management and tasking aspects, the other steps of the Air Tasking Cycle are also covered with detailed explanations given on the Force Execution and the Assessment steps. Overall, the course is divided in 4 main blocks. Each block begins with a basic approach then leads to increasingly more refined and advanced exercises. The course staff guides the trainees through each block and monitor their understanding and ability to conduct the different exercises to certify their proficiency level at the end of the course.

Aim of the CourseLearn the main functionalities of ICC in support of the Joint Air Tasking Cycle. After attending this course, students will have an understanding on how to use the main features and modules of ICC, and therefore be better prepared to assume their duties within a JFAC HQ or to take part in joint air operations.
Learning Objectives1. ICC OVERVIEW 1.1. Understand the development of the ICC program. 1.2. Understand the system architecture & user management. 1.3. Understand the evolution of C2 systems in NATO. 2. ICC MAP 2.1. Know how to display and locate georeferenced products on the map, 2.2. Know how to display and locate the content of the ICC database on the map, 2.3. Know how to create, store and share content on the map. 3. ACO CREATION AND MANAGEMENT MODULE (ASMAN) 3.1. Know how to generate and populate an ACO, 3.2. Use the ICC map in combination with the ACO creation, 3.3. Know how to release an ACO message 4. ATO CREATION AND MANAGEMENT MODULE (SALTO) 4.1. Recall the ICC database structure and elements needed for tasking, 4.2. Know how to generate an ATO and create missions, 4.3. Use the ICC map in conjunction with the creation of the missions, 4.4. Understand the elaboration of the refuelling plan using the dedicated SALTO module, 4.5. Know how to release an ATO message 5. ICC IN STAND-ALONE MODE 5.1. Understand how to open and display an ACO message, 5.2. Understand how to open and display an ATO message 6. ICC FOR CURRENTS OPS 6.1. Understand how to read and consult an ATO using ATO Mission Tote module, 6.2. Understand how to display and set-up the RAP using Track Tote module. 7. ICC IN SUPPORT OF ASSESSMENT 7.1. Understand how the Mission Tote can be used to provide relevant information for the Assessment of Air Operations. 7.2. Understand how the Mission Tote module can be used to enter MISREP in the ICC database
Pass/Fail criteriaSubjective practical exercise
Course Language(s)

Structure of the CourseThe course is divided in 7 blocks focusing on key aspects of ICC mainly driven by practical exercices. For each block, a basic understanding is given to the students who are then given the opportunity to practice on more refined and advanced exercises.

Active CourseYes
Course Active from15/Oct/1998
Course Deactivated on20/Oct/2039
Course Duration (in days)4.0
Pre-Req (System Non Verified)- English standard language proficiency (SLP): 2222 as a minimum; - Having a minimal tactical experience in air operations.
Joining Instructions

Security ClearanceNR: NATO RESTRICTED
Training AudienceN: NATO Nations Only

Tuition Fee per Student (Euro)0.00
Fees for Accommodation and Meals (Euro)163.00

Payment Authority
Other InformationAFB fees: Accommodation 30€/night Breakfast 1,30€ Lunch 4,70€ Dinner: 4,70€

Annual Average of Attendance last 5 years60

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