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FIN-FI-2708Resource Management Education Programme (RMEP) CourseThe purpose of this course is to provide NATO and National personnel with education and individual training on resource management processes, including the Common Funded Capability Delivery Governance Model (CFCDGM), through the concept of the three resource pillars: Military Budget (MB), NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP), and Workforce.NATO - School Oberammergau (NSO)NO LONGER ACTIVE - Finance (FIN)Financial (FI)200 - IntermediateListedM8-30ResidentialM: NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other nations as approved550.000000.00000Yes further information (e.g. list of eligibility requirements) please refer to the full course description via the above given web link.Resident (1 wk)01/Jan/201131/Dec/20285.0NATO UNCLASSIFIEDACT.156NoNoNo