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Tip: The organisation field is an auto complete field. To select your organisation structure please enter the word(s) which appears in your organisation and the system will show an auto complete list of top 100 organisation structure which contains the respective word(s).
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The Organisation and Primary Post fields are autocomplete and associated with each other. You can either choose to select your organisation first and then your primary post or vice versa.

If you know your organisation then please click the 'Edit/Choose Organisation' button. System will display the tree view of the organisation structure where you can choose the appropriate organisation structure.

If you are not filling a NATO PE/CE post then type in N in the Primary Post field and select any one of the three generic posts (NATO International Civilian, NATO Military and NON-NATO) from the autocomplete list.

If you know your PE/CE post number (e.g. OAC BAX 0010), type in at least the first three letters of your PE/CE post number. (*)

If you are filling a NATO PE/CE post but do not know your NATO post code, please type N and select one of the two options (NATO International Civilian or NATO Military) from the autocomplete list.

(*) E.g. OAC if your post is OAC BAX 0010. System will display an autocomplete list of posts starting with the letters you entered. Choose the appropriate post from the list. System will automatically populate the organisation field based on the location of the selected primary post.

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